Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Walking Man

I said I'd post later, and here I am! I try my best to keep my promises, even ones made to an imaginary audience.

So it's day two out here and we're mostly set up. Everyone is kind of out exploring, but I've had my fill for the day, so you're all left with me discussing science fiction and urban legends and whatever else comes to mind.

Adleheid, our German exchange student, has taught me a few words in his native tongue. Kid can tell a scary story that would make your toes curl. German is a freaking awesome language and I wish I had more talent at learning it; course, Lyle is picking it up like no tomorrow and will probably be barking orders that nobody understands before long. Anyway, the kid has always been a bit jumpy but I'm assuming that comes from being in a new place. Good thing he's got his partner to keep him calm.

I'm already halfway through "S is for Space" since I started reading this morning and god, is it amazing. They just don't write science fiction like this anymore (though I've yet to try Discworld; seems that I'm missing out if TVTropes is to be believed). As I mentioned earlier, "The Pedestrian" is one of my favorites so far; the description of the totalitarian society is just so subtle that it kicks you in the face when you realize what's going on. I really liked "I, Robot" as well; how can you not? It freaking established the rules of the genre, and so many writers have followed in his footsteps it's freaking awesome. White Elephants has really got this phenomena working in present day and honestly; whoever writes that blog? You're being compared to Asimov. WELL DONE, GOOD SIR.

Geeze. If I had my ideas emulated by that I'd be freaking thrilled. Who wouldn't?

That doesn't really happen now a days too often. BEN was/is amazing, but it really didn't define a genre or anything. You're not going to see alternate things in the BEN universe (AS COOL AS THAT WOULD BE), and you're not going to see any of Jad's "Rules" anywhere else (AS COOL AS THAT WOULD BE). At this point, I think we'd all be happy with an update, but what can you do? JAD WORKS ON VALVE TIME. DEAL WITH IT.

(Though if he DID update and I couldn't see I would so RAEG)

So, this post did pretty much nothing except for establish I am a Troper, internet lurker, and probable /b/tard (I am a self admitted /x/tard but that's totally different). Hope I didn't annoy all of you with my nerding out. Go read something awesome if you want to be entertained, dammit! Joking, joking.


I'll post again tonight. See you guys!

(Would it be creepy if I called you HYBRIDS? Probably. Yeah, not going to do that.)

Happy Trails,

--Zach(ariah) Lewis

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