Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Direct workflow


Guess what I've been repeating all day and annoying the crap out of everyone with.

Not actually. I'm pretty energetic, but even I'm not that annoying. Maybe. Er. Anyways. Started "JPod" today, and was pleasantly surprised to realize my nerdom level was sufficiently high enough to appreciate the humor. I'm more proud of that than I'd like to admit, and mister Douglas Coupland? You are honestly so awesome that you max out the awesome meter in my eyes. Canadian authors for the win! Honestly, there's not enough of them out there. Lesley Choyce is a underrated Canadian author who really does not get enough love; "Shoulder the Sky" introduced me to philosophical thinking (even though people like Walter blow me out of the water). Give 'em some love, people!

'Course, it's all about the internet these days, isn't it?

(/waves walking stick)

Internet fiction is absolutely brilliant. Anything is possible these days; crossovers, full length novels, webcomics... the list goes on. Blog communities hundreds strong, urban legends catapulted to High Octane Nightmare Fuel status, and things like "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow; a full length story that is not only free online, but is also about... our favorite... ARGs! Well, not exactly, but you get the point. If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Speaking of ARGs, Day Four has pretty much passed without incident, or at least for me. To be honest, I've been spending most of my time out of camp; everyone's getting along fine but I never really realized that I actually like spending time alone. Who knew! I guess I just kinda got used to lurking for hours and by god I've become antisocial. Well pierce my ears and call me Lyle! My laziness has really reached new heights, hasn't it? It's a good thing that nobody can navigate this place; all I ever see are the faint shadows of people passing by; learn to follow a path! Jeebus. Honestly.

So we all woke up today happy, but with a gloriously glorious collection of bug-bites that would probably make an awesome connect the dots if someone had the patience to try and connect 'em all (...NEW FAVORITE HOBBY, GET!). We're starting to figure out that there, uh, really isn't a lot to do out here except read through my (rather impressive) book collection or explore, and as Alex said, we're even having problems with our GPS's.

(Before long, it's going to turn to "Lord of the Flies" out here)

Aw geeze. I have to start dinner soon, so I should probably head back to camp. It seems that as long as I make them food, the class seems to be fine with my absence during the day. Stuart joked that "If you let a bear kill you, we'll kill you. I can't cook nearly as well as you can."

I think he was joking.

I HOPE he was joking.

And they wonder why I'm never around. Kidding, of course. Hopefully will have something up later tonight. GO SUPPORT SOME UNAPPRECIATED NOVELISTS.


(I'mma cooking some pasta tonight with some fresh chicken that Nick got delivered, rich kids FTW! Gotta get pounding and breading and frying and let's hope I don't dump the whole damn thing into the campfire by accident. ._.; )

Happy trails,

Zach(ariah) lewis

(Hopefully we can sneak that deleted post on sometime. Suze might as well be the cyber police with her talents at backtracing, but hey, SHE WILL DUN GOOF sometime. XD )
(Oh, and... well, you should know you if I'm talking to you. I change my password around every single freaking day, so just try and 'hack it'. Your blog is awesome, believe me when I say that, but I'm not taking any chances.)


  1. Zach he wasn't kidding. I was talking to him about it today when we were discussing the cough.

    Good thing I brought Halls eh? I just wish we had enough for everybody.

  2. ...

    Fair enough. I know what password I have to be working on daily, then.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-