Sunday, 19 June 2011

//Collect// Calling

You just never learn, do you?

"No secrets." I believe that was a rule of good ol' Zachariah Hanna Lewis. A rule you all knew well, hm? Yet you all chose to ignore it, and I can not fathom why~!

Walter Bishop Reeves. Your innocence is overshadowed by your desire for answers. You plead, and yet you've known what was going on all along.

Susan~! Isn't it easy to play the victim? Yet you've known something was wrong with "Zach"for a long, long time. Never was easy to ask about, but you didn't even attempt~!

Lyle, oh, good sir /Lyle/! Your attempts at self preservation would be amusing if you didn't actually care for your comrades~! Quite the issue, isn't it?

Alex Dearbone, oh poor, poor Alex. Losing time yet? The fog that you find yourself in is one that downright terrifies you, yet you don't say a word!

Elliott, are you going to hide behind a facade of sarcasm forever~? Your attempts to quell your fear only prove as canon fodder.

Richard Battle. Oh, Richard Battle. You are going to die if you don't make a plan.

Follow the Philosopher's advice.

Maybe I'll be so kind as to leave a trail of breadcrumbs. But know this...

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

One by one.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

Lined with corpses, blood and ashes

And so they wait their turn to go.

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