Monday, 13 June 2011

Status Report

Bearer of Bad News, reporting.

It's late. Why am I up? Why am I posting?

Hayden's gone. Slipped right out from under our noses. During the meeting, we think. Or maybe after Richard ordered us all to go to sleep.

I have this horrible headache.

Nobody argued because nobody was willing to fight him. I think we were all too tired to care anyways.

Suze and Lyle were hiding something from us. Slenderman. I think that's what they called him? Lyle mentioned something about blogs and video series. It's too late for me to recall everything, but I'll do what I can.

I'm sure anybody reading this by now has either been scared away or knows what's going on.

Help us.


Lyle doesn't know how to talk to people and Suze is... well, Suze is helpful at least, but if anybody even dares to mention Zach's name it's like she's suddenly gotten blue screened, and has to sit down for a little bit.

She was one of five people to not completely flip out when Zach died, so it doesn't really surprise me that her facade of normalcy and perkiness is just that - a facade.

Not that that surprises me.

It's hard to surprise me right now.

Ughhhhhh it's like a thousand buzzing bees trying to occupy the space inside my skull

And here I go sounding like Elliott when I say you could tell me the world was flat and that Lyle was secretly a reptilliod from planet Zekrom 5 (wait, isn't that a pokemon?) and I would formally congratulate you on your amazing discovery.

After faceless men with tentacles, it's hard to be shaken.

Well, the good news is we've got a fairly comprehensive list of who to read and what to watch thanks to Lyle's knack for memorizing URLs.  Now if only our tech would stop bugging out we could maybe get some solid research done. What Suze and Lyle know might do us for now, it's not going to help us against... against... whateverthehellheis.

It's late. I should sleep. Or stay awake. Richard says we should be sleeping more. Suze concurs. Like either of them have the moral high ground. Both of them look like hell. Suze especially. She's cracking and won't admit it. Worse than her boyfriend was.

She's going to kill me for this when she wakes up.

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