Wednesday, 15 June 2011

On all the others out there

Hello again. As you can see, I only really seem to post after Lyle has an ...episode. Whether this is co-incidence or simply an interesting case of synchronicity, I can not currently tell. Regardless, the research continues.

This... "Slenderman". Have I heard of it before? Yes. Whispered on messages boards and reveled on youtube. But alas, the blogging comminity? I had no idea.

Regardless, Zach has left us quite the reading list. His history has proved... enlightening, to say the least. I now follow a few blogs myself; if anything, they provide some sort of entertainment.

God grant me distraction....

Yet all these blogs raise interesting points, or rather their comments raise an interesting metaphysical dilema. Today, we delve into Solipsism; our only continual existance within our own minds.

...and that's quite simple minded, is it not? Rather, there are three basic types of Solipsism; the world does not exist outside the mind of the philosopher, the world may or may not exist as nothing is certain outside of our own senses, and that our own thinking is the perfect framework for building upon our basic thought, as well that it is our outside relations that shape our veiw of the world.

Now, how does this apply to these blogs?

One: We are afraid of isolation, despite it's possible risks. Despite KNOWING that we do not know our observations are accurate, we are almost compelled to log them, reach out, and gain outside opinion.

Two: We continue to let others define us. Too often, these comments say more than the actual updates do (Here's looking at you, M.). Craving the imput, craving the understanding, we give too much power to people that we do not even know.

Three: We may not be able to control this. Our incredible situation has both it's benefits and it's disadvantages. Yes, there's an incredible community of theory and assistance, but what good is it when we can't be sure what is false? An excellent example of this was Reach and the Remnants; falsities, spread by our own hand.

We can only follow what is currently in our minds. Our senses lie, others lie, even our worlds lie to us. We are forced to use outdated and illogical methods to keep sane, but it is a neccesity that we are AWARE of this folly, and, moreover, ensure that we take the neccesary precautions, taking everything with a grain of salt.

It all comes down to one simple thing; trust. Are you going to trust these people? Are you going to trust the world you see? Are you going to trust your own self?

There is no clear answers, only more questions.

In the end, the only conclusion I could come to was that we all have to be more cautious with what we believe in, and what we deliberate, what we consider. We need to start thinking before we act, yet not let thought obstruct action. It's certainly a delicate balence, but if we all want to survive, it's one that we must manage.

....look at me, chattering off as if I actually matter. Tomorrow and tomorrow, there's really nothing more to say, although I wish I had more. It's been... a long day.

Hopefully more will be up later, explaining what... transpired today. Maybe someone else will have an idea. It's...

I can't even give the situation justice.

Because, to be honest? I'm not sure what we're dealing with.

Sleep well. I wish everyone out there the best.

...Sometimes, when you're out here, it really feels like you're the only person alive. I hope that doesn't actually turn out to be the case.

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