Sunday, 12 June 2011

I've pretty much (Courtesy of the drafts Suze hasn't deleted)

Gotten the blog equivalent of a hat-trick right now, and it's making me feel pretty pumped.

So not much is new. Was going to post earlier but we had SCIENCE to be had, and by SCIENCE I mean that Suze and I buggered off to explore again. Irresponsible? Sure. Fun? UHYES. Lyle kinda followed us around the whole time at a distance, but is he wants to be a socially awkward creeper than good for him. I'm in no place to tell him otherwise, amirite?

So Suze, being the killjoy she is (PLEASEDON'THITME) headed back to camp, and I decided to catch up with my old friend Mr. Bradbury. Yes, I did finish, and yes, it was amazing. For some reason, he has a way of writing even the most outrageous bit with a matter of fact-ness that just kind of puts up a wall of willing suspension of dis-belief. God, you need talent to pull that off.

So It's no secret; you guys all saw in my last post that I am indeed an internet lurker, and the WORST KIND AT THAT. It's almost a good thing I can't go on TVTropes out here or else I would get less done than I do now, and that's quite an accomplishment. And since this blog seems to be less "everyone contributes" and more "let Zach rant to the internet so he doesn't rant to us", we have a lot to talk about, don't we?

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, get the FUCK out.)

First off. Probably tempting fate here, but the Slendercommunity has had some giant things happen. I was poking around twitter and saw HABIT's tweet (another thing I simply lurked about on. Go me!). I doubt the protest'll actually get noticed, but who knows? I get that everyone has lives and such, but it would be made of epic win and awesomesauce if you all managed to pull the protests on the same day; would probably make our favorite ALL-CAPS sadist very pleased.

Nothing much on the Marble Hornets front. We've got two Maskys running around (What's the plural of that? Maskies? Maski?) and everyone is freaking out and it's actually quite amusing. Totheark continues to make me not sleep at night so who the hell needs caffeine when you've got an essay due?

All is quiet on the Tribetwelve front, which is kind of depressing. Sure hope Noah is doing alright. Quiet spells usually don't mean good things.

In other news, MLAnderson0 has been called by some people to be promoted to the "Big Four" and I'm inclined to agree with them. Dear god is it filled with epic. And creepy. Go check it out if you already haven't. I'll wait.

....good? Alright then, onto the blogs!

Zero. Dear god, Zero. I feel for you, man. Sure, you've done a lot wrong and some people hate you for it, but I... understand. It's hard to be so terrified that you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some people say you're long gone but I disagree. Welcome back.

Madiun, not sure what you're trying to achieve by naming new sages, but hey; whatever floats your boat. I look forward to #7. XD

Robert has vanished off the face of the freaking planet am I the only one that's worried about this? Whatever, it's Robert freaking Sagel. He'll be fine. (Assuming redlight isn't up to his old tricks again)

Sandra and crew? Seems like shit is going downhill and FAST. Jesus. Keep safe and best of luck.

Zeke. Dear god Zeke. I don;t think you need wishings of luck, you badass
Oh, and M is back and making troooooooouble. Totally kidding there. Nice to see you back and safe, man.

And a few other mentions: Glass, good to see that you're typing normally again, Messenger, the fuck?, Yggy (or Hellfire, don't know what you go by now), a the fuck? for you too, Hakurei Ryuu, good fucking luck, seems like you'll need it. Arkady. I kinda get why people don't like you, but you should really talk to Walter. Seems you two would get along.

Reach. We honor your memory, dude.

And there's a whole bunch of you that maybe eventually I'll comment on and I'm just really too shy. God I'm such a wuss.

Oh. And I was doing what I do best (lurking!) when I found a new blog detailing this person that seems to be Slender's... wife? Um? What? Not that it's badly written or anything, but if we're not careful we'll be back to gen one with all those superpowers flying around because of the Core Theory. Be cautious and tread carefully if you're going to start one of these, guys, or else you're just going to be a biiiiit annoying.

(Zachariah Lewis; the man with one foot behind the fourth wall and one foot in front of it.)

So yeup. Gonna go figure out what I'm making up for dinner, and will probably post after about the actual going-ons around camp, and maybe som'ore nerdom.


I'm going to laugh when everyone looks at this post and has no idea what it means. Worst case scenario, Suze'll make me take it down. Hope I'm amusing enough that it stays up!

Oh, and guys? We're here for over a month and blogs are easy to read on our phones. Might as well get your daily dose of awesomehorror!


More to come. :D

Happy trails,
--Zach(ariah) lewis.


  1. Suze.
    You were supposed to delete all of these.
    You were supposed to.

  2. You've got to be fucking kidding me.
    Fuck, fuck, FUCK!