Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fool me once, shame on you...

Fool me twice, and apparently I'm retarded. Just going to throw a quick post up before bed. Suze decided to stand outside my tent and make me think that there was a giant... thing looming outside, her shadow twisting into something that I don't even want to discuss.

Did I scream like a little girl? Yes, yes I did. Thanks for asking. Now everyone is glaring, whoops! At least Lyle doesn't really care if I'm typing this up, even though I'm sitting right beside him and this tent isn't exactly spacious.

So, with that little piece of shame, let's move on!

I promised all.... none of you that I'd post short synopsizes about my friends; considering I'm friends with about everyone that'll be a bit difficult. So I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet.

(Some actual Science will follow soon, promise!)

Suze: Is a freaking amazing person. Honestly, and, as tacky as this sounds, I wake up every day and thank god I have her. We started going out in the last few years of highschool and I'm her little bitch, and proud to admit it. Enough of the lovey-dovy stuff, eh?

Lyle: I consider him my best friend, he probably considerers me as a giant nuisance. He moved in next to me before I was deployed and we've spent a lot of time together. He knows a shit-tonne about me, but I know almost zilch! Ah well. He's a great guy and has an AMAZING photographic memory. Seriously; he can recite URLs. That's saved our asses a few times....

Alex: A somewhat monotone guy at best, but I think if we had two high energy people (like me!) in a room at once it'd explode or something. He is GOOD at summing things up. Like, seriously.

Elliot: A deadpan snarker at it's finest. Who needs Portal for black comedy when you have this guy around? NOBODY, THAT'S WHO.

Hayden: Suze's actually strangely enough OLDER twin brother. Would come driving across the city to give you a ride late at night, but the poor guy is plagued by OCD and paranoia. I think he's never took meds, but sometimes I think he needs it.

Walter: It's like having our own modern day Socrates. He's really only taking the science courses for fun; a crazy philosopher. He always manages to make us crack up by mixing philosophy and science. Siosophy? Piloscience? I like option one better.

Did I mention that there's about 40 MORE OF THESE TO DO? SIGHHHHHHH. That's all I'm putting up for today, I think. Suze is still laughing at me and I'm not feeling very manly at all. Don't forget that all....none of you are free to hop into the comments and give us a chat. Forest plus the same fifty people equals bored Zach.

... There's a chill today, but I'm the only one that feels it. Weird.

Happy trails,

--Zach(ariah) lewis


  1. I feel it too. Know what it is? /The fucking wind, Zach/. We're in the middle of the forest and not too far from the coast. You get the breeze in off the Pacific so of course it's going to get cold.

    Now listen to your girlfriend and go to sleep before I play tattle-tale and we all lose phone privileges.

  2. Oh, and my name is Elliot/t/, not Elliot. Two t's.

  3. Dude. We're university students. What's Bear going to do, drink his own piss? It's FINE, and you heard me, I'm RETARDED. Sorry about that, man. Maybe you're right; sleep deprived posting is a BAAAAAAAAAD idea. I've been mean enough tonight by waking up the whole camp. Goodnight! :)

  4. He'd do it and you know it, Zachariah!

  5. WAIT




    I. AM.