Thursday, 9 June 2011

There's a whisper in the forest....

...and it's not the cool breeze we're all accostomed to feeling. Zach once mentioned uncontrollable shaking. I think we all know what he meant.

Because we've all been keeping secrets, haven't we?

Greetings. After seeing Lyle's spectacular... moment last night, I figured that at least one person has to post and let anyone reading this that rationality does exisit within the camp, it's simply scarce and an incredible rarity. Many of my fellow students have not moved since last night; they stare into where the fire burned and has now gone out.

Something has to be done about that. Excuse me for a second.

...Alright. At least they're tending the camp again. As harsh my methods, they remember that they're alive again. Once a human loses the will to live, are they truly a person anymore? Sure, they're human; but what consitutes a person in the first place? At one time, the general view was that souls (of which there was an assumed existance) was our substance, what made us, well, us. Though some still share this theory, I consider it... outdated. Our bodies our complex biological systems and some metaphysical object is, quite frankly, a cop out. Does that mean that the soul itself is the person, is the body and soul one unit, or is the soul simply something that is non-tangible? Difficult to say.

Then let us move on. The question of personal identity, which was first raised by Locke and later expanded on by Leibniz, seems fully trival in comparison to our whole soul issue. Consider this; if one takes, for example, a pencil and puts it behind their back, is it not the same pencil that you placed there? Argue as you will; the pencil is the pencil, no matter how many woodchucks have gotten to it. It's not that straightforward, is it?

It may be.

Yet we grow. We are not the "same" as we are when we are simple children. We grow and change. Does our status of personhood change as well? If a ship sails with a whole store of replacement parts, a replacement for every part on the ship, and over 100 days, you systematically replace every part, is it the same ship that you left on? We are the same; our cells are die and are replaced. Your blood cell that lived with you through your first kiss is long dead.

So who are we? What are we?

If I may.

Souls are foolish. They're intangible and invisible, but what if we considered the soul as, rather, memory? Rather, it is our experiences that shape who we are.

Those who have lost the will to live are throwing everything that makes you what you are. You give up your personhood the moment you give up.

I'm not going to let that happen.

Walter, philosopher, survivalist. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go talk some sense into the walking dead.

There seem to be a lot of people like that around here....


  1. Because you're the only one here that makes ANY sense.



  2. An excellent analysis. Precise philosophical musings that radically change an outlook on the world.

    Consider yourselves followed.

  3. I'm almost flattered, aside from the fact that I feel that you should not be trusted. But in our situation, do we have much of a choice?

    Regardless. It is nice to see someone else provide insite, despite it's... undesirable length.

    Pickers can't be chosers, hm? I'll have to do my research on you, ENVY. In the meantime, I wish you the best.