Monday, 6 June 2011

This is terrible

Why did I ever agree to this?

I'm in a forest. Alone. With nobody to trust but my twin sister. A murderer could be behind every tree. A GPS CAUGHT FIRE in my HAND.

We're all doomed, aren't we?

None of us ever came here to scout or anything, and I keep hearing these noises, oh god-

Alright. Looking at the above now that I've taken my Prozac, maybe I should jump onto a more... uh.... sane trail of thought? Uh, hi internet. Name's Hayden. Suze is my twin sister and my doctor said this excursion would probably be good for me. I'm...uh... the jury's still out on that one. Considering I'm not very social as it is, maybe this wasn't the best idea? Whelp, I'm here, might as well tone down the conspiracy talk.

This.. all does seem a bit too... um.... perfect. Why did we all get on this trip? Why was it subsidized? Why does everyone give these little paranoid-

No, that's probably me. Schizophrenic-paranoid is NOT a good mix. Luckily, lotsa therapy has almost fixed that; just take meds for the mild anxiety. Click click. I keep playing with the collar I wear and the clicking noise is soothing. I was told that sometimes having an object to fiddle with helps keep anxiety down, hence the weird fashion sense. Um. Well. If anything goes downhill, maybe I'll be a bit more useful, but everything really is fine and dandy. Aside from the whole "bursting into flames" thing. Guess I'll head back out, though I should uh, probably take off the tinfoil hat. Suze'll be worried. She didn't think I should come but Zach was surprisingly insistent and even I find it hard to say no to him. Alright, that's all for now, I guess. Nice to meet you, internet. Um, yeah.

that's all, folks


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