Friday, 10 June 2011


Are back up again.

It took Bri and I a good hour of working around the HTML, (a block had been put in, and we can't seem to undo it) but judging by Lyle's post everything's fine now. I've got admin privs to mess with the coding should another problem crop up - worst comes to worst and we'll just throw up an easy CSS so we don't have to work around templates again.

I feel like nothing really interesting has happened since Zach's death (rest in peace, buddy) and most people seem to have calmed down... for the most part. I guess we won't be able to tell for a couple more days.

As Elliott's informed you, the prof hasn't come back. As Elliott went to moan to Lyle about later, no, we should not go after them, if they ended up dead what chance do we have? It's not exactly verbatim (the conversation involved quite a bit more swearing and glaring daggers before Walter stepped in and talked some sense into both of them.) but it's close enough, and the consensus seems to be que sera, sera.

Everybody has the same thought on their mind.

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