Monday, 6 June 2011


All you guys are killjoys, you know that? Aw well. Maybe that post'll be posted later. Gonna hide the draft somewhere. YOU CAN NOT SILENCE ME! AHAHAHA /SHOT

So, I finished "S is for Space" this morning while I was buggering off with Suze (Yes, I can multitask. Deal with it.), and omg so amazing. Bradbury is simply marvelous in the way that he presents the willing suspension of disbelief, and you know the amazing thing? We all go for it, and we don't even notice. Freaking brilliant.

Speaking of Suze, while I spent the morning prancing around the forest like an insane deer, she actually went and did something responsible. She's no fun, is she? Ah well. Dinner went well enough, as in there were a few grumbles, but they should try cooking for fifty! Lyle's been lurking all day at a distance, but if he wants to be a ninja, good for him (I wish I was one too).

The sun started to set not too long ago, and we kidnapped Elliott's guitar to strum some melodies and actually feel some group bonding (POWER OF FRIENDSHIP GOOOOO). So that, of course, means that everyone groans as I try my best to rock out to what little Fall Out boy and Ludo I can play. I'd try some Coulton, but I don't think anyone but me knows who he is. There are disadvantages to being a hipster, eh? Not that I'm a hipster at all. I just happen to stumble on stuff and sometimes that stuff turns out to be good.

The guitar is long put away, which means that I'm sitting here around the campfire, typing this up. God, it's been brilliant so far. Sun is usually shining, but the forest is pretty temperate, and very interesting to navigate. By interesting I mean that I'm only good at getting around because of my INTENSE ARMY SKILLS. Ah well. With 50 people in camp it's hard to get a moment to yourself, so I'm not knocking it.

Not sure what book I'm going to read next. I kind of just bought this whole lot of 60's to present day fiction on Ebay and... uh.... brought it all with me. Needless to say, there's going to be a lot of literature discussion from me. BORING LITERATURE DISCUSSION. NOTHING SCIENCE-Y AT ALL. WOW THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISING ISN'T IT?

Ah well, I'm having fun, even if there's really nobody to talk to. I'm guessing the class figured that if I rant to the internet, I'm not ranting to them. PROGRESS? Who knows. XD

Unless I'm struck by inspiration, that's all you get from me tonight. (I TRY TO POST MORE THAN ONCE BUT CAN'T SPEAK FOR NOSY EDITING GIRLFRIENDS). And who knows? Maybe I'll actually get to talk to someone on here that doesn't currently live within a mile radius of me.

Doubt it, though.



It's Day Four tomorrow. should I be worried? D:

Happy Trails,

--Zach(ariah) Lewis

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