Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Status Report

No time for a full report.

The blog went down and we're all recovering from...


Let's start at the beginning.

Suze's encounter was far from unheard and noted by almost everybody in the camp. I'm not sure if it was the fact that nobody sleeps well here anymore or that we've all become extremely sensitive to even the slightest sounds.

Then, of course, William posted. I found him in his tent pale as a sheet and smelling strongly of blood and even worse of sweat. How or why I didn't really want to ask, so I figured the blog was a safe bet.

I asked him why he had created an account, but never posted.

'Don't see the point." He said flatly, as if the answer should have been obvious. "Not going to help us."

What was I supposed to say to that?

"Just one post," I urged, noting how horribly his whole body seemed to shake inside the tent, despite the humidity and heat inside of it. Jesus, when was the last time he stepped outside?

I wish I could go into further detail, but there's stuff to do and Richard and I are going to try and head out again and see if we can find the campgrounds. Five students are in serious need of first aid and the kit we brought with us isn't nearly enough.

If this becomes a weekly thing...

William posted.

Lyle flew into a rage when he read it and practically ripped Will's tent open, but found nothing inside. The entire thing had been cleaned out and was completely spotless - the only way you'd know someone had lived in there was the same stench of blood and sweat as before.

We knew we didn't have much time. If we lost another one everybody was going to be responsible. Well, we searched well into the night and found him too late. Richard did a fairly good job of summarizing what happened up until then, and it wasn't until that was posted that everything lost power.

Nobody's phones would start.

The chargers were nothing but sophisticated paper weights.

Compasses spun and spun and spun and the GPSes that were long gone... seemed to work, actually, but they wouldn't display anything other than 11° 21′ 0″ N, 142° 12′ 0″ E.

The entire camp seemed to be in horrible condition, both out of guilt over the loss of Will and the fact that headaches and horrible coughing fits and black sludge from god knows where seemed to cover everything and infect everyone.

And then Friday rolls around and everything seems to get worse.

Somebody just stood from their spot around the fire and walked into the forest. Nobody stopped them. It was quiet and the air was chilled, everybody huddled around those pathetic embers. Then suddenly one just... stood up. And walked. And walked until they hit the trees, then kept walking. Everybody just stared, unsure of how to react.

We haven't seen them since.

...Richard's shouting at me from across the camp. He wants to get moving. Now. 

I'll leave the rest to Suze. Chase is busy with... well, you'll see. Suze will have lots to say on the matter and everybody else is tied up with something.

Alex out.

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