Friday, 12 August 2011

I Always Knew He Was An Idiot.

Suze here.

Elliott's gone, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Really, I knew we should have kept an eye on him the second he started going on about pianos and music and Moonlight Sonata. What the hell, guy? This isn't the Elliott that blares stupid indie music down the halls at school and sang shitty country songs as we roasted marshmallows and weenies.

Since when did Elliott like classical?

Whatever. I'm not here to judge. The point of this post is a bit of an update, I guess. I know this is Alex's job but he's been stuck in his tent and nobody wants to go in and ask what's up.

Selfish bunch, aren't we?

I guess impending doom does that to you.

Anyways, so Elliott's gone. Things have been pretty quiet after Nick disappeared; (honestly nobody reported on it because nobody gave a fuck; the kid was annoying and arrogant and wouldn't stop hitting on me) the delivery seemed to really ease everybody's nerves because, holy shit, there are people out there who are actually noticing us. 


Richard and I are heading out to see if we can't find the crazy fool before the sun dips too low in the sky. Hopefully this will be brief.

Hopefully we're not too late.

Elliott, you fucking idiot, I'm going to chew you out so hard that you're going to wish that blonde brat had gotten to you when we find you.

So please come home safe?

Thanks. <3

Suze out.


  1. ... and you both went too?
    No, you've all gone insane.
    If Elliot is one of these... Subjects, he'll come back safe.
    No need for both of you to risk it-
    Just keep safe, alright?

  2. Relax, Lyle. It's not like it's the first time we've gone out on rescue. With any luck we'll find him collapsed over a rotted tree truck, mumbling about Canon in C or some shit.

    Be back in an hour.

  3. He's always had some classical music listed in his Blogger profile.

  4. I told him.
    He should have listened.
    There are two kinds of paranoia.
    Justified and Insufficient.