Saturday, 6 August 2011

As fun as it'd be...

This isn't the time for everyone to sit down and fucking cry.
Here at camp slenderland, things are not going well, at all. and really, if you can't see that, you're a fucking idiot.
So why are some of the others running around camp with fake optimism?

... It's not something that I'm going to try and understand.

Am I going to give up?

Fuck no. It's going to take a lot more than one of my best friends going to the dark side to make me fucking give up.

(Those cookies better be damn worth it, Walter.)

But we had to do something. Leaving all this shit around from the people who died (and the person that might as well be dead) is really creeping everyone out. Not me, of course; I can handle a shirt or two.

But Lyle...

Christ, everyone is taking it hard. Especially now that-


So we staged a pretty big bonfire last night. It was... soothing, in a way? I don't know; a few kept crying and a few kept laughing and really, they haven't stopped since.

... and I'm banking on nobody checking this, so I'll come out and say it.

I was going through Walter's tent, picking and choosing what we were going to burn because, fuckdammit, some of those textbooks he had were interesting and there was no point in putting them to waste because nobody wanted to be fucking sentimental....


I was rolling up his sleeping bag when I found a lump. Woulda just ignored it but it was unsightly and

okay. Is anyone surprised that I thought it was porn?

... It was better than that. This little soft thing, kinda worn. Still in pretty good shape; patched up with black stitches on white fur. Maybe whoever was mending it had run out of proper thread? Pinned to it was a little note;

I'm going to miss you! D: But Mum and Dad say that you really want to go on this trip and it's going to be good for your career and blah blah blah. They're lying, aren't they? I know you don't like this stuff, so I packed your favourite textbooks without you noticing. Teach Zach some, will you? He doesn't seem the most happy all the time, but he's nice. He said he'd take good care of you while you were gone, so I'll just have to trust him, right?

Try not to get too many mosquito bites! I can't wait to play with you once you get back, okay? No avoiding it for schoolwork!

Uh-oh, I can hear you walking back up to your room. Have fun on the trip, and sleep tight!

(P.S. If you rip Mr. Nibbles, make sure to fix him, alright?)"

Sorry, guys. but when we get out of here, I'm going to be returning this. Plus, this rabbit has a damn bowtie. A BOWTIE.

Beat that, Slendershit.

... and to close on some good news, though it's kind of paranoia inducing;
We got a special delivery yesterday. Food. Water. A bit of medicine. After weighing the risks, we've decided that it's all we've got right now. The paths are so bad that it takes hours to reach the river and minutes to get back. Almost like the forest is going nuts or something; ah well.

Only question is...

Who the hell left it, if nobody can get in?

(Though if somebody doesn't end up keeling over dead, well....
We've obviously got someone watching over us.)

Fight 'till the end;

--Richard Battle


  1. I doubt if you'll be allowed to see this, but I know who brought you that stuff:

  2. A good man brought you those supplies. I'm hoping you can see Ben's link.

  3. A good cyborg, you mean.

  4. ... Okay, that is /weird/.
    Yeah, I can see the link. It's a /LINK/. What would stop me from seeing it? And I did some reading.

    So we've got an insane courier with his team of mistfits that was /ASKED/ to deliver us crap and somehow did...?

    Okay. Not going to complain. Even if it /ISN'T/ this guy, we got water. We've got food for now.

    And dear god is it helping moral.

    ... It's kind of weird. Zach mentioned a Spencer. Called him Teller most of the time. Said he ran away, and was assumed dead. Weird. Think it's the same guy...?

    Nahhhhh. Doubt it. And thanks, guys. You don't know how good it is to hear from... someone.


  5. Richard, I think most people assumed your collecting antagonist might have decided to redact it.

  6. Oh. Yeah. He does that, right? I don't know. I think it's worse depending who you are; Hayden was haunted by it until the day he died but I only see it in the blog subtitle. Guess He doesn't want anyone going big damn heroes on our asses.

    (Of course; I'm wondering what the sudden interest is. The current influx of commenting has put Lyle on edge and Walter...
    Yeah. He's not here anymore. Really should remember that.)

    And we just keep buggering on.


  7. Well then, I apologize for disturbing Lyle and the rest.
    Good luck.

  8. Sorry. I've commented before, though infrequently.

  9. Uhm, hi. I'm the one who called in the bit of help for you. Not that it matters much to you who I am, probably. I'm glad it's been worth something, though.

    You don't know me, but someone sent me a link to your class blog not long after it started up. After a while, your little be-hoodied friend decided to comment on my blog, and being the contrary sort, I quit sitting on my thumbs and did what little I could by finding someone who could provide -some- sort of help. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner.