Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Doc says I'm okay now

It's about fucking time!

I've been telling you for fuckin' days, doc, I'm doing fine! Geez! A little broken ankle and a couple dislocated arms and you think I'm going to die or somethin'. I'm not a little pussy like Trent I can get a little fucked up without dyin' ya know.

Who was the faceless fucker in the suit who attacked us? Slenderman or somethin'. Dude's got some nerve if he thinks he can mess with NICHOLAS MOTHERFUCKING DAY. I'm gonna cut him up and serve him for DINNER.

And what's with that PUSSY ASS BITCH with the boxcutter? He's lucky I wasn't busy trying to protect Erin or else I would have fucked him up too.

(Suze is sayin' I need to stop cussing on the blog. "NAG NAG NAG we get enough of it in camp at least try to be formal you idiot NAG NAG NAG")

Stupid fuckin' forest with it's stupid fuckin' maze. Where the hell are we? Suze and Lyle said they found the campground but nobody was there. BUT WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU GO FURTHER? You could have gotten out man, fuck the rest of us!

Whatever. I'm out.

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