Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Well I suppose that I should inform you

That this little twisted game is far from over.
Figured you lot should know.


  1. Really? So, what, time slowed down on their end so much that the past month and change has been a few days? Like they're somehow in the past now. That would make it impossible for us to communicate with them, though. Blogs aren't text time machines. What a ludicrous idea.

  2. Oh hush, Benny-boy. As if our laws of physics and whatever mean fucking anything to the Gentleman. He can do whatever the fuck he wants whether it makes a lick of sense.

    Stay frosty.

  3. Yes, I'm sure. But that was just a wild theory. Walter, or I guess I should say The Englishman, hasn't confirmed it.
    Maybe it actually is October for them. In that case, they'll be quite frosty soon. And somehow, I don't think the "game" works as well when your players are ice cubes.

  4. It is a rather interesting thing; how space and time work when being manipulated and stuff. And confusing, it's very confusing. S'why I tend to just ignore it and go on with my life, except now you've got me all curious and shit, Benny-boy, why would you do that to me, eh?

    Stay frosty. But hopefully not icecube-frosty, 'cause that would be a mighty piss-poor way to go after all this.

  5. You're not a proper Englishman if you don't have a top hat and monocle. And you need to fancy a cup of tea.

    I can't think of any more stereotypes at the moment.